Try Not to Breathe by Jennifer R. Hubbard

Happy Labor Day! (I still have to work, but I hope most of you don’t have to!)

My first PAYA 2012 book review!! Yay!! The festival was seriously amazing, and I’m so excited about all the books I bought. But I have to give you guys some semi-bad news, too: school starts tomorrow, and even though I’m going to be a senior, I’m still taking some pretty insanely hard classes, so I’m not going to have all day to read (which makes me so incredibly sad), so therefore I won’t be able to post very frequently. I’ll read whenever I can, so hopefully between after homework is done and work in the slow season, I’ll be able to read all the PAYA books soon. Sorry if I can’t, though! You know I’ll try my hardest.

So this book had a really interesting and romantic looking cover, which is what made me read the info and decide to get it (I judge books by their covers. But I’m purely talking about books here.). And I loved it! It was sad, sweet, romantic, touching, and awesome all rolled into a little more than 200 pages. You should all read it, and you’ll definitely fall in love.

If you like: friendship, overcoming HUGE obstacles, love, the truth, psychics, romance, drama, opening up to people, and people overcoming mental disorders, you will like this book.

Ryan has just been released from a mental hospital, where he was admitted after attempting suicide. His parents, especially his mom, are now too clingy and are constantly lingering around, the kids at school look at him funny, and the friends he made while staying at Patterson Hospital. He spends most of his time standing under a local waterfall (though his parents tell him not to because the strength of the water could knock you over and kill you), until he meets Nicki. Nicki’s dad killed himself when Nicki was younger, and now she hopes that Ryan can help her find the truth about why he did it. While traveling throughout the area to find psychics who may be able to communicate with Nicki’s father, Ryan finds himself telling Nicki things he has never told anyone, and even finds the strength to answer her relentless questions about why he attempted suicide. As the two spend more and more time together, Ryan notices that the wall he built around himself is crumbling, and that he may need Nicki to start feeling free from his depression. That is, until the truth comes out…

This book deals with suicide, attempted suicide, and depression, which are really sad topics that make most people feel uncomfortable. But I think the way this book is written can help people become more comfortable with the topic, and realize that life is really fragile, so you need to make the most of it. The relationship between Ryan and Nicki is really amazing, too, and, if you get attached to characters like I do, you start feeling hope for Ryan when he starts talking about his depression and suicide attempt with Nicki. This is a very intense, yet amazing, book that I would definitely recommend.

Pages: 233
Genre: Young Adult, Drama, Romance, Serious Themes
Sequel?: No, but Jennifer R. Hubbard has written other books that you can check out (and I will likely be checking out, too!). Find out more here.


The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, everyone! I am the world’s biggest procrastinator, so I put off all my summer English reading until the last couple of weeks 🙂 So I’ve been working on reading three books in two weeks, which wouldn’t be a big deal if they were good books, but they are all pretty bad so its been rough. I won’t torture you with reviews of Beowulf and Timeline though. I just figured I’d give you this one because it’s a YA book.

PAYA 2012 was this past Saturday! There wasn’t a hurricane (although my mom and I did fall into a muddy sinkhole before the festival, but that’s another story for another day), so a lot more people/authors were there from last year. I bought six books, some of which are signed, and later bought Cyn Balog’s book Touched at Barnes and Noble because they sold out at the festival! It was really a lot of fun…I don’t think I won any raffles because they probably would have called by now, but it was really great. I gave out some cards with my blog address on them, so if you are one of the people who was given a card and are now checking out my blog, WELCOME AND I LOVE YOU! I also learned that Kenneth Oppel (in case you still don’t know who that is — he wrote the lovely books I just reviewed that contain the quote this blog is named with) is going to be only half an hour away at an event in October. I know what I’m doing that day…

So this book is one of the above mentioned summer reading disasters. I know a lot of people enjoyed this book because of its dystopian-esque qualities, but if you really loved this as a dystopian, please read Divergent, Insurgent, the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver, or any number of excellent dystopian books. They will blow your mind. My school tries to get everyone to bond by making everyone read one book that’s the same over the summer. They call it “One Book One School” (OBOS) and everyone hates it (probably because two out of the three years they’ve been doing this, they’ve picked awful books that 95% of the school doesn’t read). So here goes…

If you like: dystopian, drama, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, a bunch of teenage boys together, random new slang terms, disturbing creatures, puzzles, and mazes, you will like this book.

Thomas wakes up in an elevator in the middle of what is called “The Glade” with no memory of his life before. He joins a group of many other teenage boys, all of which were delivered by the elevator, called the Box, and have been trying for years to find a way out through The Maze. The Maze surrounds the Glade, and is home to disturbing, violent, dangerous creatures called “Grievers”. Runners go out every day to try to find a way out of the Maze, but having been working for years with no success. After Thomas survives a night in the Maze (which no one has done before), he becomes a Runner. Then the Box delivers someone else: a girl, who is holding a note saying that she is the last one. And then the Grievers enter the Glade…

It was honestly hard to write a non-confusing review for this book. I don’t think I succeeded. I spent the first 50 pages of this book trying to get all the lingo and terminology straight. The author literally drops you into this world, tosses a bunch of random words at you, and doesn’t bother to explain most of them. Once you get past what is pretty much a language barrier, it gets less confusing, but more disturbing. The Grievers are seriously horrifying, and what they do to some of the characters could make you sick. Some other people I know seemed to like this book, but I was honestly creeped out by it. It’s apparently part of a series and it ended on a cliffhanger, but I really have no desire to read the other books (you know it’s a big deal when I don’t want to read the sequel). But I’ll let you make up your own minds.

Pages: 400
Genre: Young Adult, Drama, Dystopian, Thriller, Fantasy
Sequel?: Yes — The Scorch TrialsThe Death Cure, and then a prequel, The Kill Order

Starclimber by Kenneth Oppel

I finished the series! It was just as good overall as it was the first time around, and I’m glad I read them again! 🙂 So now, you finally will know more about the book that inspired this blog’s name!

If you like: adventure, romance, drama, thrillers, outer space, Paris, love, disaster, the thought of extraterrestrial life, stars, this blog’s title!, fantasy, the past, alternate versions of the past, science fiction, and Airborn and Skybreaker, you will like this book.

Matt Cruse is co-piloting an airship in Paris, helping to deliver pieces of building material to the Celestial Tower, which will eventually stretch into outer space. The race into space is exciting for many, but some, called Babelites, believe humans don’t belong in space, and attempt to destroy the Celestial Tower. One of these terroristic plots occurs on Matt’s airship, but Matt manages to save the Celestial Tower from destruction. Soon after this horrifying event, Matt is invited to be a crew member on the Starclimber, the first vessel to reach outer space. Kate de Vries is also invited along to search for life forms in the cosmos. Matt has been planning to ask Kate to marry him, but less than a month before the journey, Kate becomes engaged to someone else! Matt is heartbroken, but refuses to give up his spot on the first journey to space. Once the Starclimber has left earth, the passengers and crew discover threatening life forms, and, once a mechanical failure causes the ship to fly further away from earth, they must band together to save their lives, and get back to Earth.

This book has so many plot points and so many different things happen that I couldn’t write a really good review because of all the spoilers. I hope I did a good enough job! This book is probably one of my favorite books, what with the romance and the drama and the super fantastic sci-fi awesomeness. The characters are wonderful, the whole concept of the book is clever, and it makes me want to jump into this world and be a part of everything the characters are a part of. Sigh…this is probably nerd problem #1: desire to be a character in the book. I would seriously, forever recommend this book for anything: fun read, book report, book club, ANYTHING. Just go ahead and read it. We can bond over its awesomeness.

Pages: 390
Genre: Young Adult, Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure, Thriller
Sequel?: No, but it is the last book in a series. The first book is Airborn and the second is Skybreaker.


“She leaned forward and took my face in her hands and kissed me.
‘Yes,’ she said. ‘Yes, and yes, and yes. But it will be terrible.’
‘Probably,’ I agreed.
‘Honestly,’ she sighed. ‘I don’t know what kind of life we’ll have together, with me always flying off in one direction and you in the other.’
I smiled. ‘It’s a good thing the world’s round,’ I said.” -Matt Cruse and Kate de Vries, Starclimber, page 390 (I am in love with this quote. How can you not be? It’s so cute!)

Skybreaker by Kenneth Oppel

I’m back! I’ve been really busy so it took me a while to get through this book, but I finally did! It’s the second book of the “Matt Cruse” trilogy, and it’s just as fantastically amazing as book one and book three!

Exactly one week until PAYA!!!!!!!!! *takes deep breaths, hyperventilates, does an embarrassing dance of joy*

If you like: drama, romance, flying, airships, adventure, fantasy, the past, alternative versions of the past, treasure hunting, amazing creatures, science fiction, thrillers, disaster, Mount Everest, and you liked Airborn, you will like this book.

It’s been a year since Matt Cruse defeated Vikram Szpirglas in a battle on the airship Aurora. Now, Matt is attending the Airship Academy in Paris and flying test flights on the airship Flotsom. Soon, the Hyperion, an airship that has been missing for forty years and is rumored to be holding untold riches among its cargo, is sighted. Matt is the only one who knows the last known coordinates of the Hyperion, and upon landing, is hunted by men looking for the mysterious ship. After being persuaded by his friend, Kate de Vries, who is after the taxidermy said to be on the ship, Matt agrees to go looking for the airship. Along with a gypsy named Nadira, who has the key to the cargo hold, and Hal Slater, the captain of the high-altitude ship the Sagarmatha, also called a skybreaker, Matt and Kate take to the skies, and end up 20,000 feet in the air. Will the team find the Hyperion? Or will the pirates, high-altitude, or dangerous life forms get them first?

I love this book even more the second time around. It has been long enough since I last read it that I didn’t completely remember the ending, but remembered some parts, which kept me very entertained. This book is the perfect combination of adventure, drama, and romance, and has surprises in every chapter. It is a seriously amazing book, and I will always love it. I suggest it times one million. Plus, the only way (or the only normal way if you truly like reading, because no one who likes reading skips a book in a series) to get to Starclimber, which has the adorable quote which inspired this blog’s name is to read this book!! Do it!

Pages: 544
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Adventure, Science Fiction
Sequel?: Yes, Starclimber by Kenneth Oppel. This book follows the book Airborn by Kenneth Oppel

Solid quote from the book:
“We are not dogs or horses,” I insisted hotly. “None of us gets to choose how we’re born, it’s what we make of ourselves afterward.” – Matt Cruse, Skybreaker, page 267

Airborn by Kenneth Oppel

So good news: I’m back! More good news: I’ve started to reread the trilogy that has the line that this blog is named for (that was a somewhat confusing sentence). Good news part three: two weeks and one day until PAYA 2012!!! The day before the festival I may have to be sedated I’m going to be so excited. So anyway…

When I first discovered one of the books in this series, I did it a little backwards. During one of my Barnes and Noble freak-out-shopping-adventure-2009, I came across the third book (the one with the most adorable line ever), Starclimber. It sounded really interesting, so I bought it. When I got home and started reading, I realized that it must be a book in a series, because the characters had already been developed previously and I wasn’t getting the characters references to other characters or things. So I went online, and found that I had picked up the third book (I’m a moron…but in my defense, the other two books were not on the shelf with Starclimber! How was I supposed to know?!). I immediately ordered the first two because I had an approaching beach trip/Disney World vacation and what’s a good beach trip/Disney World vacation without reading material? And when they came, I fell in love…

If you like: adventure, drama, romance, the past, airships (like the Hindenburg), pirates, fantasy, a bit of science fiction (no aliens, just to let you know), thrillers, amazing creatures, friendship, bravery, dedication, and the title of this blog, you will like this book.

Matt Cruse is a cabin boy on the Aurora, a passenger airship that he has been working on for three years. Born on an airship, his fellow crew mates joke that he is lighter than air, which allows him to “float” around the ship. This comes in handy when Matt spots a hot air balloon, whose pilot has taken ill and can no longer control the balloon. Matt is able to bring him safely aboard, and hears the man, Benjamin Molloy, tell him elaborate stories about creatures in the sky before he dies. A year later, Miss Kate de Vries boards the Aurora, searching for the creatures her grandfather had found and documented in his journal the year before. Matt and Kate become closer during their search to discover whether the creatures are real or not, but everything changes when pirates board the airship…

This book has so many things about it that are amazing. The fact that it is set in the past, but not the past we think of today, is so incredibly cool. The author came up with the idea to have airships be the primary source of air transportation in the ’20s and ’30s, instead of airplanes, which in his past, never really amounted to anything. These huge airships are lifted by an incredibly light gas (which exists only in the world of these books), and can transport thousands of pounds of goods and passengers across continents or water. Plus, this book is a good combination of thriller, an adventure story, and drama, with of course a bit of romance. This series makes me wish airships were popular and were how people got around. It also kinda makes me wish I wasn’t terrified of hot air balloons, because after the first chapter, I would sooo ride one. But there is something about being suspended above ground in a basket attached to some cloth that doesn’t appeal to me. I would highly suggest this book, and the other two in the series, called Skybreaker and Starclimber.

Genre: Young Adult, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Pages: 501
Sequel?: Yes; Skybreaker and then Starclimber

The Princess Bride by William Goldman

Wow, you guys are amazing!! I asked you for 6 views and you gave me 22 on Monday and 6 yesterday! I had well over 100 views for the month of July (I actually had 120!!! So exciting!) Thank you for going above and beyond and letting me accomplish my goal for the month of July! Let’s keep it up!! 😉 You are all the best and I love you!

I don’t know how old I was the first time I saw “The Princess Bride”, but I remember I loved it right away. It had everything: books (which I have loved since I first read Go Dog, Go when I was however many years old), princesses, pretty dresses, love, and some pretty awesome sword fighting. Who can say that they wouldn’t like that?! I’ve known for years that the movie was based on the book, but never got around to read it. When my mom told me she had bought it on her Nook, and that I could read it too, I was super excited. Book that led to awesome movie that I love and never get tired of? BRING IT.

If you like: drama, romance, adventure, stories set hundreds of years ago, sword fighting, giants, the word INCONCEIVABLE!, Sicilians, Spaniards, beauty, evil princes, six-fingered men (that sounds even more weird in the context of what I’m writing when you say it out loud. Don’t believe me? Try it…), R.O.U.S.’, and unlikely endings, you will like this book.

Buttercup lives with her parents and the farm boy, Westley, on a Renaissance-era milk farm. Buttercup spends most of her time shouting commands at the farm boy, who always goes about the tasks she has given him, after saying “As you wish”. When Buttercup gets older, she realizes that she is in love with Westley, and he confesses his love for her as well. Westley decides to sail off to make his fortune so that they can get married, but word soon comes to Buttercup that he has been captured by the Dread Pirate Roberts, who is notorious for leaving no survivors. Buttercup is devastated, and vows to never love again. When Prince Humperdinck arrives at the milk farm, looking for a beautiful woman to choose as his wife so he, someday, may have an heir to run the country of Florin, he spots Buttercup, whose suffering as made her into the most beautiful woman in the world. She agrees to marry him, though not love him, and is taken to his castle. While out horseback riding, she is kidnapped by a Sicilian, a Spaniard, and a giant, and the adventure only continues to build from there. Will she find Westley again and will they live happily ever after? Or will she be killed?

“You keep using that word! I do not think it means what you think it means!” — My man, Inigo Montoya

The world’s most quotable book/movie. Seriously, if you have never seen the movie/read the book and someone you know keeps saying the above line, “As you wish”, or “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die”, you are embarrassing yourself by not having an appropriate quote response (“Never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line!”). I loved this book, but be warned: S. Morgenstern doesn’t really exist, which I stupidly didn’t know. William Goldman, the author, uses the pen name S. Morgenstern for this book. So all the “asides” he wrote in the book talking about what he cut out: not true. The stuff he “cut out of Morgenstern’s original manuscript” doesn’t exist because the book you are reading IS the original manuscript. It is somewhat confusing, but you’ll figure it out. I loved the book, it’s amazing, and someday I will read it to my kids when they are sick (AND THEY WILL LIKE IT!). It’s an all-time classic book/movie, and you should read the book AND see the movie, because the movie does stay true to the book. Also, its fun being able to identify direct quotes from the book to the movie. Enjoy! I certainly did!

Pages: 493
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Adventure
Sequel?: No, but William Goldman did write a lot more, and is an Academy Award winning screenwriter.

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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few days. Good news: I had 11 views yesterday, and only need 6 more to have 100 in the month of July! So send the link to this blog to your friends who you think will enjoy it, and I will be eternally grateful. I only have one more day to get six more views!

I read this book, to be honest, because I loved Jane by April Lindner so much. And I figured, for being a girl who loves history and drama (only in books) and romance, I should read all the classic Brontë sister books and Jane Austen and all that fun stuff. So this is book one of a journey into the classics that will likely take years. So you should stick with me until I’m in my twenties!

If you like: classic novels, England, romance, drama, unlikely relationships, overcoming beliefs, being strong, staying true to yourself, and Jane by April Lindner, you will like this book.

After Jane Eyre was born, her parents died, and she was sent to live with her mother’s brother, Mr. Reed, his wife, and their three children. Before Mr. Reed died, he made his wife promise him that she would keep Jane and raise her as her own. Mrs. Reed treats Jane very poorly, blaming Jane for being an “abnormal child” and allows her children to physically and verbally abuse her as well until Jane is ten, when she is sent to Lowood School for Girls. After six years of relative unhappiness as a student and two more as a teacher, Jane puts an advertisement in the paper for a governess position. She is invited to Thornfield Hall, to be the governess for Adele Varens, a young French girl. Jane soon learns that Thornfield Hall is run by Mr. Rochester, a stern, somewhat uninviting man. Jane and Mr. Rochester start spending more and more time in each others company, before falling in love. Mr. Rochester asks Jane to marry him, and she nearly does, before a devastating secret about Mr. Rochester comes to light, and Jane decides to flee. Does Jane find happiness with Diana, Mary, and St. John Rivers, who take her in after she runs away? Or will she mourn Thornfield and Mr. Rochester forever?

I’ve read a bunch of old books that I liked, and a bunch that I detested. Some people may be like “GASP! You didn’t like *random old book that is apparently a huge classic and best seller during its time and beloved by many*?!?! What’s wrong with you?!” Don’t be one of those people when I say that I didn’t like some books like that (ahem, Fahrenheit 451). But I did love this book! I have to admit, it was very lengthy, and there were parts I wanted to skip over because they seemed to just drag on, but when it was good, it was really excellent. I also liked being able to compare things from this book to the modern retelling by April Lindner. Like the fact that in this book, one of the characters is St. John Rivers, and in the other, its River St. John. I found that amusing (maybe because things like that easily amuse me, especially similarities in books. One of the reasons I love Sarah Dessen books: because she references characters from a previous book in a later book.). I would highly suggest it, and think that anyone who hasn’t read a classic book should join me in my quest! Let me know in the comments section which classic book is your absolute favorite and/or tell me if you will join me in my Classic Book Quest!

Pages: 592
Genre: Classic, Romance, Drama, Gothic
Sequel?: No, but Charlotte Brontë did write other novels and books of poetry!

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Secret Society by Tom Dolby

This is a random judge a book by its cover purchase from Barnes and Noble. I think I bought it before I went to Turks and Caicos in November, but I honestly have no idea. Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday: I had work and then a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in forever came over and we ate too much candy and watched movies. This week I’m probably only going to have two posts: one today and one on Thursday, because I have been reading Jane Eyre, which is a whopper of a book and is the kind of book that needs your full attention, so I can’t read another book at the same time. But I’ll see if I can squeeze in three posts because I love you guys so much 🙂

If you like: drama, romance, New York City, secrets, clubs, partying, danger, beauty, fashion, or tattoos, you will like this book.

In New York City, four teenagers lives are about to change forever, whether they like it or not. Nick is an aspiring club manager, Lauren is obsessed with the latest fashions, and Phoebe, the new girl in town, has her art. Patch, Nick’s best friend, lives in the others shadows, hoping to be able to catch some drama with his video camera. When Nick, Lauren, and Phoebe receive a mysterious text inviting them to join the Society, a mysterious, incredibly secret society that has the power to make all their wishes come true, they accept. Soon, they are introduced to a world of partying, insider connection, and gifts, and are linked together with hundreds of others by the ankh tattoo they all have on the back of their necks. Patch, who was not invited, manages to film one of the Society’s parties, with consequences that are more extreme than he could ever imagine. When some of them try to leave the Society, they discover that leaving may not be possible, and that the Society has the power to control their lives forever.

So this is the third book (I think) that I liked better the first time I read it. The first time, it seemed very interesting and mysterious, but the second time through, I knew what was going to happen, so I spent more time focusing on how pretentious the characters are while reading. Nick isn’t bad, but Lauren is shown as overly materialistic, and in the second chapter, buys skirt that costs nine hundred dollars, and has no problem with putting it on her mother’s credit card. Phoebe seems perpetually moody and dramatic, and Patch just irritated me from his first introduction. Additionally, the point of view changes from character to character frequently within each chapter, making it confusing to follow. I wish that I could love all books that I read, but I don’t think I’ll be reading this one again. But I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Pages: 341
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Sequel?: Yes; The Trust has already been released

Dangerous Neighbors by Beth Kephart

My last PAYA Festival 2011 book 😦 I’m glad I only have a couple of weeks until I can buy a ton more books!!

If you like: historical fiction, Philadelphia, drama, siblings, a little bit of romance, the Centennial fair of 1876, and twins, you will like this book.

Katherine and Anna had a bond like no other siblings had. They were identical twins, though Anna somehow seemed to be the prettier of the two. As the girls became teenagers, Katherine felt like she was falling out-of-place in her sister’s life, once Anna met Bennett, the baker’s son, and fell in love. Katherine felt alone, unloved, and was annoyed at how her sister took advantage of her, constantly making Katherine lie to their parent’s about Bennett. But when Anna dies, Katherine is destroyed. She can barely go on living, and plans to take her own life. Or can she find a way to be at peace with her sister, and move past her untimely death?

This is a good historical fiction book. It takes place during the hectic Centennial celebration in Philadelphia in 1876, and will definitely pull in history buffs (like me). The only thing that I didn’t like about the book was the character of Anna. She seemed selfish, and definitely gave off the air that she was better than Katherine. The tone of the book hints that Anna is supposed to be that way for the plot to progress in the way that it does, but she still annoyed me. A couple of times, I was honestly just wanting to banish her from the book. She was a little whiny. But anyway, with the exception of Anna, I loved the book! It was cute, dramatic, and had really solid characters, with just a touch of romance in the end.

Pages: 166
Genre: Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Drama
Sequel?: No, but Beth Kephart has a bunch of other books you can check out here.

*ON AN UNRELATED NOTE: Susane Colasanti has but a link to my blog on hers. I’m dying. Dying. This is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me, and I just want to thank everyone for reading, Cyn Balog for liking my posts, and Susane Colasanti for linking to my blog. You are all the best and I love you!

In case you can’t read it (which I’m guessing you can’t), it says: “For Megan– So very happy that you braved the storm today. Beth Kephart” I’m glad I braved the storm, too! Best day ever!

Tunnel Vision by Susan Shaw

Second to last PAYA Festival book! And an announcement: I may have to start doing reviews three days a week instead of five. I have two incredibly boring fun-sucking books to read for school, one that may not be too soul-sucking, a Calculus math packet created by Satan himself, and I’m working five days a week minimum. As much as I would totally love to post five reviews a week, I don’t think it’s physically possible for me to do so right now. My brain will explode, and I won’t get to attend the PAYA Festival in August, or go to three Phillies games (I know, they are embarrassing the city of Philadelphia right now, but it will get better… Right?) which would really be a downer. Don’t hate me too much! I still love all of you!

If you like: drama, thrillers, escaping, cop dramas and stuff like that, Witness Protection Program, new identities, and starting a new life, you will like this book.

Liza was just trying to get home by walking through a crowded underpass when her life changed forever. Her mother was shot and killed, and the police believe that her mother’s killers were actually aiming for Liza. After she is almost killed a few days later on her front lawn, Liza and her dad are put into the Witness Protection Program to escape the Core, the gang that is trying to kill her. Liza’s life has fallen apart: her mother is gone, Liza isn’t allowed to attend her funeral, and now they are being protected by the FBI! After being sent to live in Kansas, Liza has to accept her new identity, and try to fit into her new life. But how is she supposed to do that when the Core seems to be around ever corner, waiting for her?

This book isn’t my favorite of all time. Liza is supposed to be a high school student, but her thoughts make her sound like a middle schooler. Her thoughts are also very hard to follow, and random. I understand that her mother just died, but her thoughts are literally all over the place. I solidified this point when, in the book, Liza and her dad realize they are being relocated to Kansas, Liza goes on this rant about how Kansas was “not a real place” and then continued on some internal musing that was a little annoying. It’s an okay book, that I think I liked better the first time I read it, but I can’t honestly say that I was in love with it. But I’ll let you be the judge of that!

Pages: 255
Genre: Young Adult, Drama, Thriller
Sequel?: No

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