Big Fat Disaster by Beth Fehlbaum

Hooray for being back at it with the blog!! I’m going to try for 1-2 post(s) per WEEK, which should last for about 10 weeks with the books I currently have lined up to review. šŸ™‚

So I went to the 2014 YA Fest in Easton, PA over Easter weekend. AND IT WAS AWESOME. A ton of great authors whose books I’ve read, some authors whose books have been on my to-read list forĀ forever, and some completely new to me authors whose books sound AMAZING. And that’s where I got a pamphlet advertising for the Merit 66 Book Club! Basically, I emailed saying I was interested in joining, and they sent me this book. For FREE. That’s zero dollars and zero cents. $0.00. Which is my favorite price of anything, especially books. Do hashtags work on WordPress? I’m supposed to hashtag them so they can see the post. Here goes! #Merit66 YOU ROCK.

If you like: change-of-life stories, drama,Ā overcoming obstacles, standing up for yourself and others, and more, you should read this book.

Colby is on center stageĀ way more often then she wants to be (which would be never). Her dad is running for office, while her mom and two sisters stand looking gorgeous on the sidelines. Meanwhile, Colby is overweight, and treated as the outcast as the family. She didn’t think it was possible to feel more like an outsider, but she is wrong. After accidentally discovering her father’s affair, causing him to quit his corrupt campaign, Colby, her mother, and younger sister must move out of their house and take refuge in the run-down trailer belonging to her Aunt Leah. After a video of a half-dressed Colby is made by her cousin Ryan finds its way onto Facebook, Colby decides to end her life. A horrible accident prevents her from reaching her goal, and with the accident, Colby is painted as a hero. However, Colby is being forced to tell the truth about what really happened that night, and expose her mother’s selfishness and the shame she feels for herself.

The summary of this book honestly did not sound like a book I would pick out on my own. But, hey, free book, so why not read it? And then I got hooked. From the beginning, I felt such sympathy for Colby, who feels like everyone is against her, including her family. Then, as more and more horrible things happened to her, I found myself hoping somethingĀ good would finally happen, like she would stand up to her mom, or she would make some friends and be truly happy. But things in poor Colby’s life gotĀ wayyyyyy worse before they even started looking like they would better. This book is seriously great for fans of YA, anyone struggling with a weight problem or self-esteem issues, or issues with family and friends. I feel like Colby can relate to so many different types of people, no matter what your personal story is. Read this!!

Pages: 286
Genre: Young Adult, Drama, Fiction
Sequel?: No, but Beth Fehlbaum wrote a series calledĀ The Patience Trilogy (more info can be found here)



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  1. Krista

    So glad that you are back!!

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