[I’m back!] Drowned by Cyn Balog

There are infinite excuses to explain my hiatus for the past year and a half but they are boring and mostly are because I’m lazy, so I’ll spare you. I’m sorry for the long break, but I’m back now!! Hooray! I am just going to start reviewing books that I’ve read recently, because I have read sooooo many books since November 2012 when I last posted that it would take years to catch up on reviewing them all. So: here goes!!

I still have those super cool author connections that let me get signed books frequently 🙂 This one was sent by Mrs. Balog’s husband to my mom to me at school, because she knows how much I love her books! And bonus: it was an ARC, and I got it in February when it was published end of June. HYPE. Is it so nerdy of me to say that I bragged to all my friends about having a signed book right from the author before it was officially released? Anyway, I promised Mrs. Balog that her book would be the first I would review when I got back on the blog, so I’m fulfilling that promise!

If you like: Cyn Balog, fantasy, science fiction, dystopian novels, romance, love stories, dramatic endings, unlikely heroes, and princesses, you’ll love this book.

Coe is unlike the others on the island of Tides. She is deformed, having lost her hand in an accident as a child. She is alone, her father lost at sea. Her society wishes she would disappear, to make room for those who are stronger and more useful. The only thing that keeps Coe going is Tiam, the boy she has known since they were small, but who seems to see Coe only as a friend. Each day, the tides rise higher and higher, threatening to sweep their society out to sea. Things are already uneasy on Tides, but grow even more so when the king falls ill with no male heir. Rebellion is brewing, and Coe is invited to join the palace staff as things outside get more uneasy. Soon, she learns that the king has been hiding a secret, one that will change the lives of every person on Tides, including herself and Tiam. Coe has to discover whether there is a way off the island to safety, or whether this secret will drown her along with the rest of the island as the tides continue to rise.

Okay, so I had kind of no idea what was happening in this book for the first ten pages, when everything really starts being explained, but I was still incredibly intrigued. I think the fact that I was so confused really made me keep reading because I was so curious about what would happen next! This book is awesome — everything you could want in a book. Love, drama, royalty…and it’s a dystopian book, which are without a doubt my favorite kind of book. 🙂 I fangirl so hard over Cyn Balog’s books it’s ridiculous, and this one is no exception! Such a good book, and so unlike any other dystopian books I’ve read over the years. DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED.

Pages: 298
Genre: Young Adult, Dystopian, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Sequel?: No, but Cyn Balog has many other books you should read: StarstruckFairytaleSleepless and Touched!


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