Touched by Cyn Balog

To start: I have officially applied to 3 colleges, guys! YAY for me! I still have 9 million more but 3 is better than nothing for a procrastinator like me… And P.S. this is my last post before I leave for vacation on Saturday! So no posts next week, but then plenty the weeks following…

Last PAYA 2012 book [kinda]! 😥 Let us all take a moment to remember PAYA 2012… (If I had a slide show of pictures, I’d play it now, set to sappy music and some inspirational quotes. But I don’t have a slide show, so let’s just move on…)

This is Cyn Balog’s most recent book and as you are well aware, I LOVE HER BOOKS. To explain why it says “kinda” in the first sentence, I must travel back to PAYA… Upon arriving at this year’s festival o’ fantastic things, I discovered that all the copies of Touched had been sold by the time I got there! Keep in mind, I got there around 2, and the festival started at 12. It was pretty awesome that her books are so popular that they were sold out in 2 hours, but it sucked for me, and I am selfish when it comes to books. My mom and I made a quick run to a nearby bookstore but they didn’t sell any copies, so we came up with a plan to get it signed because I’m nerdy and when I can get my books signed, you better believe they’re getting signed. Because my mom has connections (AKA Cyn Balog’s husband works with my mom), we bought a copy of the book at Barnes and Noble, she brought it to work, Mr. Balog took it home, Mrs. Balog signed it, Mr. Balog brought it back to my mom, my mom brought it home, and gave it to me. So this book is pretty much Flat Stanley at this point: it’s been everywhere.

If you like: any of Cyn Balog’s previous books, fantasy, drama, romance, thrillers, the future, the beach, the boardwalk, changing your future, and going “off script” (this becomes less of a common saying and more of a pun once you’ve read the book. I like to pretend I’m funny.), you will like this book.

Nick Cross has a voice in his head telling him what to do. And we’re talking moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day. Not following the script, even in the slightest way, can lead to a disaster. So when he goes off script to save the life of Taryn, a beautiful girl he sees on the boardwalk, he accidentally ends another. Just saving Tayrn’s life has changed his entire script, from what is going to happen within the next five minutes to who he will someday marry. And Taryn does more than just change his future: she also has the ability to explain his past. Taryn’s grandmother may be responsible for why Nick is the way he is, all he needs to figure out is how she did it and if there is any way to stop it. Then, Nick falls for Taryn, and sees her in his future, when suddenly things take a dark turn. Now the future Nick sees is one he doesn’t want to happen and he wants desperately to stop it…but how?

GAHH I LOVE THESE BOOKS. If there was such a thing as being “too good”, these would be it. It’s not fair that a book can be so amazing! Especially when I try to write creatively, it comes out in the form of a disastrous Liam Neeson couplet (oh believe me, this had to happen for school, and it was NOT pretty). This book was sarcastic, dramatic, romantic, and keeps you on your toes. Just when you settle in to what is happening, BAM, here’s a little twist you didn’t see coming. All I have to say is this: read this book or else, and cross your finger, toes, EVERYTHING that Cyn Balog keeps churning out books, even if they come out when I have a family of my own. I’m still going to be reading YA books as an adult because how could I live without these awesome-tastic books? JUDGE THIS BOOK BY IT’S BEAUTIFUL COVER AND THEN READ IT, OKAY?!

Pages: 307
Genre: Young Adult, Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Thriller
Sequel?: No, but you should check out all of Cyn Balog’s other books: Fairy Tale, Sleepless, and Starstruck!

🙂 She’s so nice! I still can’t get over the fact that 2 published authors have acknowledged my blog…


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