Popular by Alissa Grosso

2nd to last PAYA 2012 book! This is making me sad 😦
(P.S. Only 9 days to suggest books for me to read on vacation!)

This book will blow your mind. That is all.

If you like: thrillers, drama, romance, friendship, parties, high school, popularity, secrets, and plots that completely blow you out of the water, you will like this book.

Hamilton Best is the most popular girl in Fidelity High, and because her life in high school has been awesome, she’s afraid to graduate. She has her best friends: Olivia, Zelda, Nordica, and Shelly, and her boyfriend, Alex, by her side, and never wants high school to end. Her parties are legendary, and only the people she has hand-picked are invited. Though everything seems perfect in Hamilton’s world, her friends are all secretly plotting to overthrow her as “queen bee”, so they can become the most popular girl in school. They start posting guest lists to the parties with unworthy people on them, and even try to steal Alex away from her. Hamilton is unconcerned with this, because she’s spending all her time trying to hide a secret that could destroy everything she’s worked for, and she would die rather than anyone find out the truth…

Okay, so I categorized this book as a thriller, which may not make sense if you just read the synopsis of the book, but it really is a thriller. You think everything is fine and dandy when suddenly BAM — everything you believed about the book is false. The book is split into two halves: “The Clique”, which is told from the points of view of Hamilton, Olivia, Nordica, Zelda, and Shelly, and Alex, her boyfriend. I somehow predicted what was going on right before it was revealed, and was so incredibly shocked. I don’t think most people will guess it; I only did because I had just been thinking about something that relates to Hamilton’s secret. But this secret — the author disguises it so well you’re stunned when it comes to light. I loved this book because of how the plot was turned completely upside down by this secret. Seriously, READ IT!

Pages: 325
Genre: Young Adult, Drama, Romance, Serious Themes, Thrillers
Sequel?: No, but check out Alissa Grosso’s other book Ferocity Summer (which I’m probably going to read at some point!).


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