Try Not to Breathe by Jennifer R. Hubbard

Happy Labor Day! (I still have to work, but I hope most of you don’t have to!)

My first PAYA 2012 book review!! Yay!! The festival was seriously amazing, and I’m so excited about all the books I bought. But I have to give you guys some semi-bad news, too: school starts tomorrow, and even though I’m going to be a senior, I’m still taking some pretty insanely hard classes, so I’m not going to have all day to read (which makes me so incredibly sad), so therefore I won’t be able to post very frequently. I’ll read whenever I can, so hopefully between after homework is done and work in the slow season, I’ll be able to read all the PAYA books soon. Sorry if I can’t, though! You know I’ll try my hardest.

So this book had a really interesting and romantic looking cover, which is what made me read the info and decide to get it (I judge books by their covers. But I’m purely talking about books here.). And I loved it! It was sad, sweet, romantic, touching, and awesome all rolled into a little more than 200 pages. You should all read it, and you’ll definitely fall in love.

If you like: friendship, overcoming HUGE obstacles, love, the truth, psychics, romance, drama, opening up to people, and people overcoming mental disorders, you will like this book.

Ryan has just been released from a mental hospital, where he was admitted after attempting suicide. His parents, especially his mom, are now too clingy and are constantly lingering around, the kids at school look at him funny, and the friends he made while staying at Patterson Hospital. He spends most of his time standing under a local waterfall (though his parents tell him not to because the strength of the water could knock you over and kill you), until he meets Nicki. Nicki’s dad killed himself when Nicki was younger, and now she hopes that Ryan can help her find the truth about why he did it. While traveling throughout the area to find psychics who may be able to communicate with Nicki’s father, Ryan finds himself telling Nicki things he has never told anyone, and even finds the strength to answer her relentless questions about why he attempted suicide. As the two spend more and more time together, Ryan notices that the wall he built around himself is crumbling, and that he may need Nicki to start feeling free from his depression. That is, until the truth comes out…

This book deals with suicide, attempted suicide, and depression, which are really sad topics that make most people feel uncomfortable. But I think the way this book is written can help people become more comfortable with the topic, and realize that life is really fragile, so you need to make the most of it. The relationship between Ryan and Nicki is really amazing, too, and, if you get attached to characters like I do, you start feeling hope for Ryan when he starts talking about his depression and suicide attempt with Nicki. This is a very intense, yet amazing, book that I would definitely recommend.

Pages: 233
Genre: Young Adult, Drama, Romance, Serious Themes
Sequel?: No, but Jennifer R. Hubbard has written other books that you can check out (and I will likely be checking out, too!). Find out more here.


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