Airborn by Kenneth Oppel

So good news: I’m back! More good news: I’ve started to reread the trilogy that has the line that this blog is named for (that was a somewhat confusing sentence). Good news part three: two weeks and one day until PAYA 2012!!! The day before the festival I may have to be sedated I’m going to be so excited. So anyway…

When I first discovered one of the books in this series, I did it a little backwards. During one of my Barnes and Noble freak-out-shopping-adventure-2009, I came across the third book (the one with the most adorable line ever), Starclimber. It sounded really interesting, so I bought it. When I got home and started reading, I realized that it must be a book in a series, because the characters had already been developed previously and I wasn’t getting the characters references to other characters or things. So I went online, and found that I had picked up the third book (I’m a moron…but in my defense, the other two books were not on the shelf with Starclimber! How was I supposed to know?!). I immediately ordered the first two because I had an approaching beach trip/Disney World vacation and what’s a good beach trip/Disney World vacation without reading material? And when they came, I fell in love…

If you like: adventure, drama, romance, the past, airships (like the Hindenburg), pirates, fantasy, a bit of science fiction (no aliens, just to let you know), thrillers, amazing creatures, friendship, bravery, dedication, and the title of this blog, you will like this book.

Matt Cruse is a cabin boy on the Aurora, a passenger airship that he has been working on for three years. Born on an airship, his fellow crew mates joke that he is lighter than air, which allows him to “float” around the ship. This comes in handy when Matt spots a hot air balloon, whose pilot has taken ill and can no longer control the balloon. Matt is able to bring him safely aboard, and hears the man, Benjamin Molloy, tell him elaborate stories about creatures in the sky before he dies. A year later, Miss Kate de Vries boards the Aurora, searching for the creatures her grandfather had found and documented in his journal the year before. Matt and Kate become closer during their search to discover whether the creatures are real or not, but everything changes when pirates board the airship…

This book has so many things about it that are amazing. The fact that it is set in the past, but not the past we think of today, is so incredibly cool. The author came up with the idea to have airships be the primary source of air transportation in the ’20s and ’30s, instead of airplanes, which in his past, never really amounted to anything. These huge airships are lifted by an incredibly light gas (which exists only in the world of these books), and can transport thousands of pounds of goods and passengers across continents or water. Plus, this book is a good combination of thriller, an adventure story, and drama, with of course a bit of romance. This series makes me wish airships were popular and were how people got around. It also kinda makes me wish I wasn’t terrified of hot air balloons, because after the first chapter, I would sooo ride one. But there is something about being suspended above ground in a basket attached to some cloth that doesn’t appeal to me. I would highly suggest this book, and the other two in the series, called Skybreaker and Starclimber.

Genre: Young Adult, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Pages: 501
Sequel?: Yes; Skybreaker and then Starclimber




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