Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

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I read this book, to be honest, because I loved Jane by April Lindner so much. And I figured, for being a girl who loves history and drama (only in books) and romance, I should read all the classic Brontë sister books and Jane Austen and all that fun stuff. So this is book one of a journey into the classics that will likely take years. So you should stick with me until I’m in my twenties!

If you like: classic novels, England, romance, drama, unlikely relationships, overcoming beliefs, being strong, staying true to yourself, and Jane by April Lindner, you will like this book.

After Jane Eyre was born, her parents died, and she was sent to live with her mother’s brother, Mr. Reed, his wife, and their three children. Before Mr. Reed died, he made his wife promise him that she would keep Jane and raise her as her own. Mrs. Reed treats Jane very poorly, blaming Jane for being an “abnormal child” and allows her children to physically and verbally abuse her as well until Jane is ten, when she is sent to Lowood School for Girls. After six years of relative unhappiness as a student and two more as a teacher, Jane puts an advertisement in the paper for a governess position. She is invited to Thornfield Hall, to be the governess for Adele Varens, a young French girl. Jane soon learns that Thornfield Hall is run by Mr. Rochester, a stern, somewhat uninviting man. Jane and Mr. Rochester start spending more and more time in each others company, before falling in love. Mr. Rochester asks Jane to marry him, and she nearly does, before a devastating secret about Mr. Rochester comes to light, and Jane decides to flee. Does Jane find happiness with Diana, Mary, and St. John Rivers, who take her in after she runs away? Or will she mourn Thornfield and Mr. Rochester forever?

I’ve read a bunch of old books that I liked, and a bunch that I detested. Some people may be like “GASP! You didn’t like *random old book that is apparently a huge classic and best seller during its time and beloved by many*?!?! What’s wrong with you?!” Don’t be one of those people when I say that I didn’t like some books like that (ahem, Fahrenheit 451). But I did love this book! I have to admit, it was very lengthy, and there were parts I wanted to skip over because they seemed to just drag on, but when it was good, it was really excellent. I also liked being able to compare things from this book to the modern retelling by April Lindner. Like the fact that in this book, one of the characters is St. John Rivers, and in the other, its River St. John. I found that amusing (maybe because things like that easily amuse me, especially similarities in books. One of the reasons I love Sarah Dessen books: because she references characters from a previous book in a later book.). I would highly suggest it, and think that anyone who hasn’t read a classic book should join me in my quest! Let me know in the comments section which classic book is your absolute favorite and/or tell me if you will join me in my Classic Book Quest!

Pages: 592
Genre: Classic, Romance, Drama, Gothic
Sequel?: No, but Charlotte Brontë did write other novels and books of poetry!

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  1. emv10

    Definitely one of my favorite books. Nice post!!

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