Everlasting by Angie Frazier

Almost at the end of my PAYA Festival 2011 books! 😦 As I mentioned previously, the PAYA Festival has raffles where you can win books and stuff, and last year I bought a bunch of tickets and entered them in a bunch of raffles, including one that didn’t have any other tickets in it. And I won the one that was completely empty besides my ticket, and got the book Everlasting, along with a picture, a magnet, and I think a bookmark. I was pretty excited to get the phone call telling me I had won, because I had never won a raffle in my entire life (and I haven’t won a raffle since last PAYA Festival). I got the book, and dove right in.

If you like: mystery, drama, ROMANCE, dilemmas, the sea, sailing, boats, San Francisco, the mid-1800s, Australia, and bravery, you will like this book.

In San Francisco in 1855, Camille Rowen is getting ready to sail on her final voyage with her father on his ship, the Christina. After returning from this journey, Camille is set to marry Randall Jackson, who comes from a wealthy family, and will help ensure the survival of her father’s failing shipping business. No matter how hard she tries, Camille can’t feel any kind of love or passion with Randall, and is dreading living a life without love. While on board the Christina, Camille discovers a letter from her mother, who she had believed to be dead, and that her father has been keeping secrets from her for the past seventeen years. After a storm claims the Christina, and Camille’s father, Camille sets her heart on reaching Australia to find her mother, and also a magical stone that has been said to have the power to bring people back from the dead. As Camille sets out across the country, with a young, handsome sailor named Oscar in tow, she finds herself wondering whether the life she has been set to live is the life she really wants, and if she can really bring her father back from the dead with the enchanted stone. She may even find love along the way…

This book was really cute. I’m not really into sailing or whatever, and I have never been a sailor (duh), so some of the terminology on and about the ship was a bit confusing, but not unbearable. I could easily move past it or find out what it was via context clues. It’s a fast moving book, as there always seems to be somebody chasing after somebody, which makes it a good read. Additionally, theres a love story, and who doesn’t adore a love story?! It’s a short book, a quick read, and is very enjoyable. Go check it out!

Pages: 329
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Drama, Fiction, Sailing, Fantasy
Sequel?: Yes; I haven’t read it yet, but I found it through Goodreads: The Eternal Sea is the conclusion to Everlasting!

Everlasting by Angie Frazier

I still can’t believe I have signed books. This is a bigger deal to me than meeting celebrities.


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