Jane by April Lindner

Another excellent PAYA Festival book! I hope that all of you are interested in attending this year’s festival are looking deeper into it. It’s really fun: there’s food, raffles, books to purchase, and tons of YA authors reading and excited about autographing your copy of their book! Check it out here.

Not much more that I can say about the PAYA Festival, because I’m sure all of you are sick of me ranting on and on like a love-sick puppy about it. So I’ll hold in my feelings, and get right on with the review of an excellent book that is a modern retelling of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë:

If you like: re-imagined classic novels, rock music, love stories, drama, romance, complex characters, honesty, nannies, growing up, and powerful female characters, you will like this book.

Jane Moore has felt unloved and unappreciated her entire life. She was the unplanned child; her mother criticized her constantly, her father was always away, and her older brother and sister made her life hell. When her parents die in a car accident, she discovers that they left hardly anything behind for her, so she is forced to drop out of college and find a job as a nanny. To her relief, a nanny agency finds Jane a job as a nanny of a preschooler at a mansion called Thornfield Park. However, she is surprised to find that the child she is going to be taking care of is the daughter of world-famous rock star, Nico Rathburn. Nico’s early career was a whirlwind of alcohol, drugs, and women, but he seems to have cleaned up, and is making his comeback. Jane can’t deny the pull she feels towards Mr. Rathburn, but surely she doesn’t hold deeper feelings towards him…right? When a long-hidden mystery is uncovered at Thornfield Park, Jane faces a dilemma: should she stand by her true love, or should she stand up for herself?

This book is a reader-vacuum: it sucks you in on page 1, and you literally can’t put it down. I started re-reading it the other day, throughout the day, into the night, until my eyelids were falling closed of their own accord. The retelling of a classic novel is very interesting, but, I personally think, very well done. The author, and main character, Jane, are both from Philadelphia, too, and it’s always fun to read a book that talks about places you know well. So, Philadelphians, Australians, Americans, Canadians, where-ever-you-come-from-ins, read this book! You’ll be enraptured by the very first sentence!

Pages: 365
Genre: Young Adult, Drama, Romance, Mystery, Classic
Sequel?: No, but April Lindner’s website details her other excellent looking books that I haven’t had the chance to read, but hope to soon!

She wrote me a note!















P.S. Cyn Balog has seen my blog!! Dying of happiness…




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