Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

Taking a break from last year’s PAYA reviews to bring you this dystopian novel!

Somewhere in my Internet travels, I read a bunch of reviews that said this book wasn’t very good, it didn’t have a good plot, the characters were flat, blah blah, etc. I however, found it through one of my spastic Barnes and Noble visits, where I scan up and down every aisle and take pictures of the covers of books I want to read on my phone (NERD ALERT!). I was interested by its cover and by its summary on the back, so I added it to my Nook wish list and eventually bought it. And keeping with the theme of the awesome dystopian books I’ve been reading, this one fits right in with all of them. I seriously would like to disagree with those who say that it sucks.

If you like: dystopian novels, drama, romance, the future, unlikely love stories, stories about controlling governments, being brave, learning, and survival, you will like this book.

Aria lives in Reverie, the enclosed center where its residents live their lives through eyepieces that allow them to enter different scenarios. When Aria is exiled from Reverie, she is surprised that learn that she did not immediately die after breathing in the air, as she had been told. As she sets off across the wasteland, known as “The Death Shop”, she comes across Perry is wild, a “savage”: the type of person that Aria has always been told to stay clear of. However frightening he is, Aria needs him to guide her across the wasteland so that she can reunite with her mother. Perry, as much as he doesn’t want to admit it, needs Aria, too. As the two of them join together to find Aria’s mother, dodging the fiery electrical storms that occur without warning in the wasteland, they find themselves sharing deeper feelings for each other than they thought possible. Will find Aria’s mother separate them? Or will they be able to survive together in the wasteland, away from Reverie?

The first glimpse I got into this book was the first 30 pages or so as the sample, and it ended literally mid-sentence. I almost died, so I had to buy the whole thing, if not to read the book, then to figure out how the sentence ended (or I would’ve wondered about it forever). And as I read on, discovering the end of the sentence and beyond, I realized it is a really solid book. It takes some getting used to at the beginning when you are trying to visualize Aria’s sheltered world, and then Perry’s very wild one, but once you get past those details, it makes for an enjoyable read. Its cute, funny, and there is a love story, which is always awesome. I liked it a lot, and I hear that there is going to be a sequel (good news, because it ended on a cliffhanger that rivaled Pandemonium‘s).

Pages: 376
Genre: Young Adult, Dystopian, Drama, Romance, Futuristic
Sequel?: Yes; Through the Ever Night will be released on January 8th, 2013, according to Goodreads


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