Sleepless by Cyn Balog

As I mentioned on my second ever review, Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog, last August I went to the annual PAYA Festival in West Chester, and it was amazing. I was nearly washed away by Hurricane Irene in the process, but nearly breaking my ankle while running through puddles of water was worth it, just to get inside. Seriously, one of the best experiences of my life. And thank the book gods, the 3rd Annual PAYA Festival will be taking place on August 25th!! *cue jumping up and down, crying, scanning list of attending authors, more crying* If you live in the southeastern Pennsylvania area and are interested (and I hope you are, because I will be there!), check out this page for details. Okay, focus: as I move back on task, I bought this book at the festival, and Mrs. Balog signed it, along with my two other books.

If you like: romance, drama, dreams, supernatural, the idea of “Sandmen”, fantasy, funny characters, sarcasm, love, books by Cyn Balog, and minor disasters, you will like this book.

Eron DeMarchelle is a Sleepbringer, also called a Sandman, meaning his purpose is to seduce humans to sleep. He himself has not been a human for nearly 100 hundred years, when he was killed in an accident and given the choice to become a Sleepbringer, or die. Though Eron is not supposed to feel too attached to any his charges more than the others, he can’t resist the pull he feels towards Julia. Julia’s boyfriend, Griffin, was killed after he fell asleep at the wheel while driving home from Julia’s house, and Eron is now responsible for training him as a Sleepbringer. Eron can only fully become human when Griffin fully completes his tasks, but Griffin seems more concerned with his best friend, Bret, being attracted to Julia. As Eron slowly becomes more and more human, he has the chance to interact Julia, and get to know her better than he did as her Sleepbringer. But danger is on the horizon for Julia, and only Eron can warn her. Will he break the rules of the Sandmen and save the girl he has fallen for, or will the danger reach her first?

This boookkkkkkkkk. Fantastic. Just like Fairy Tale, it’s a very amazing book with an interesting plot and cast of characters. Whenever I read a particularly awesome book like this one, I try to think for a minute about what I would ever write a book about, and I always come to the conclusion that it would never get past 100 pages, and would never be close (like not-on-the-same-planet close) to as incredible as all the books I’ve read in my life. So, cheers to you, Cyn Balog! Your book rocks!

Pages: 215
Genre: Young Adult, Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Sequel?: No, but go ahead and read Fairy Tale and Starstruck by Cyn Balog!

Check out this picture of me being super excited that I have books that have been signed by the authors. Additionally, excuse my face, I just got home from scooping water ice for five hours.

“That’s what you are. My sweetest dream, come true.” ~Julia, page 215




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