Partials by Dan Wells

I just reviewed Dan Wells’ brother’s book yesterday, but I read this book way before I read Variant. If you’ve ever seen I Am Legend starring Will Smith (who I seriously love — repping Philly! WOO!), this book reminds me a lot of that movie. I’m a really big wimp, so (*this is a true story*) in the seventh grade when a friend and I rented it from Blockbuster to watch during a sleepover, I seriously almost died. All the shades on the windows were open, it was dark outside, and whenever anything moved I started freaking out. I made my friend promise she would never speak of the event again. I really did like the movie, but it’s the kind of movie I can only watch during the day when it’s bright outside (like any horror movie or any movie featuring aliens, unless it’s the 1980s version of The Thing, which is really a comedy). Okay, so after you got that insight into my embarrassing life, here we go.

If you like: I Am Legend, dystopian novels, the future, engineered beings, romance, medicine, drama, war, babies, science fiction, and thrillers, you will like this book.

In the future, a war with the Partials, semi-robots who look identical to humans, and a virus known as RM has killed the large majority of the human race. After the war, the Partials retreated, leaving the survivors to band together on Long Island in defense. In the years since RM wiped out most of the humans on the planet, all of the babies who have been born are not immune to the virus, and die shortly after birth. The already small human population is decreasing, and 16-year-old Kira Walker is a medic trying to find a cure. She and a group of her friends set out to capture a Partial that she can study, and come across Samm, a teenaged Partial who is not dangerous in the way that Kira has always been told. Samm also has plenty of secrets, some of which will tear Kira’s world apart, and leave her community crumbling. In the end, it is up to Kira to essentially save her friends, family, and neighbors, and try to bring the world back to the way it was before the war.

This book…ahhh. It was seriously good. You know me: obsessed with dystopian novels, especially if there is a love story going on, but this was a really amazing book. Probably because I’ve seen I Am Legend and was subconsciously making connections between this book and that movie… but if you didn’t like the movie, don’t worry! Partials are zombie-creatures, and Kira is not Will Smith. I enjoyed it, lovers of dystopian novels will love it, and hopefully, you, whoever you are, will too!

Pages: 480
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Drama, Dystopian, Science Fiction, Thriller
Sequel?: Yes; Fragments is being released on February 26, 2013; you can also read the prequel, Isolation, which will be available on August 28, 2012


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