Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler

I seriously am in love with the Teen Books section on the Nook store. I find so many fantastic books on there that I have never heard of/have seen before and forgot their titles. The Nook is my best friend for life. Don’t diss it! Having an electronic reader doesn’t mean you “don’t really like reading” or “don’t like books”. I LOVE books and I have two floor to ceiling bookshelves that are entirely packed with books, to the point where I’m just stacking them next to the shelves. I wish that I could keep having read books (because they are the best), but how awesome is it that I can essentially have something the size of a thin book that can hold hundreds of books, and have access to millions more? That’s pretty incredible. But on to the book!

If you like: summer, romance, repairing relationships, family, friendship, love, drama, characters who change for the better, and finding out who you are and who you want to be, you will like this book.

Delilah Hannaford’s life is falling apart. She spends her days getting in trouble at school, and her nights out with her non-boyfriend, Finn, while her mom works long hours and never seems to have the time for her. Then, her grandmother dies. Ever since her grandfather’s funeral, Delilah has been forbidden to talk about her grandmother, and hasn’t seen her in eight years. Now, Delilah, her mom, and her aunt are traveling to her grandmother’s house in Red Falls, Vermont to clean up the house and sell it. Delilah expects this summer to be as boring as any summer in Pennsylvania, until she meets “Little Ricky”, her childhood best friend. Little Ricky, who now goes by Patrick, is all grown up and an incredible musician, not to mention gorgeous. Will this summer be another bland summer, as they have been since Delilah’s family stopped coming to Red Falls, or will it be so much more?

This book is really cute. Patrick is cute, the whole town sounds cute, and I wish I had somewhere cool to go in the summers. Delilah’s a little angst-y at the beginning of the book, but it fades out more and more after she meets Patrick. It’s a really easy read, and won’t take that long, but it still is really good and has some interesting plot twists that you wouldn’t expect. I like it when a book kinda keeps me on my toes! I’d recommend it!

Pages: 336
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Drama, Friendship, Family
Sequel?: No, but go ahead and read Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler, which was really awesome!

P.S. I saw Brave today and it was excellent! It’s not a book, but it’s a very different Disney/Pixar movie, with awesome animation, and a really super fantastic main character (GO MERIDA!). I suggest you all go see it!


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