The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

Happy Fourth of July, for all my American followers! And happy Wednesday, to my followers elsewhere!

Someone I go to school with shares a similar taste in books as I do, and she told me probably three months ago to read this book, and I may or may not have “yeah, yeah, sure”-d her. Then, when I was frantically searching B&N before vacation, I remembered her suggestion, and bought it right away. Do I feel like an idiot for not listening to her suggestion when she first told me? Maybe a lot. Will I ever ignore a suggestion of hers again? No, because that was a bad idea. So, this review is dedicated to the-friend-who-wanted-me-to-read-this-cute-book-and-I-forgot-about-it. If you ever see this blog, you know who you are.

If you like: miracles, what if? scenarios, love, romance, drama, cute British boys (if you say “No, not really” to this one, you are crazy), fate, and family, you will like this book.

Hadley has been dreading her father’s remarriage to a woman she has never met. She’s certain her father had been seeing this woman before separating from her mother, and she doesn’t want to believe that her family has been officially broken apart, in a foreign country no less. When she misses her flight by four minutes (completely accidentally), it seems that maybe she won’t have to go to the wedding: the second plane won’t land until an hour before the ceremony. As she books her ticket for the next plane to London, she meets Oliver, a cute, funny British boy heading home to be with his family. Oliver is sitting in seat 18B, and Hadley just so happens to be in 18A. As she is flown closer and closer to her father’s wedding, she can’t help but fall for Oliver, who seems to feel the same way. Is it possible that four minutes changed Hadley’s life forever? And does love at first sight exist?

This book is so cute I can hardly stand it. I need an Oliver, STAT, ASAP, PRONTO, etc. Ugh, why does my life suck. Classy, attractive British boys: come to my high school, I’ll introduce you to my friends and I, and then it will be a cute love story. I wish my life worked like this book does. Let me tell you: I went on vacation, and the only random stranger I sat next to on the plane was a girl who thought it would be a good idea to whip out a lukewarm burrito mid-flight and start shoving it in her face. Meanwhile, I’m in the next seat trying not to puke. Oliver would NEVER whip out Mexican food during a plane ride (I can just tell). Alright, anyway, I would highly recommend this book. Please don’t do what I did to my friend, and say “yeah, sure” and then not read this book until next year or something. Read it now! It’s worth it!

Pages: 236
Genre: Young Adult, Drama, Romance, Fate, Love
Sequel?: No, but Jennifer E. Smith wrote a bunch of other books that are really good, including You Are Here, which I read a while ago and really liked


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