Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti

Let me start this off by saying: If you haven’t ever read a Susane Colasanti book, you are seriously, SERIOUSLY, missing out on life. I am obsessed with her books. A couple of summers ago I read When It Happens, proceeded to have heart palpitations, and immediately watched Say Anything… (and now I’m obsessed with her books and John Cusack.) It was also the book that made me want to have a book review blog, so it’s where this all began! But anyway, I somehow didn’t know that this book had come out, but when I found it, I may or may not have been hyperventilating for ten seconds before immediately clicking “Buy” on my Nook. And oh boy, this one is a keeper.

If you like: overcoming bullying, powerful characters, romance, love stories, true friendship, and staying strong against everything that is putting you down, you will like this book.

Noelle is suffering, both at home and at school. Her mother has said that she wishes she had never been born, and the kids at school relentlessly bully her. Her life sucks, but her best friend, Sherae, and making out with her (maybe) boyfriend, Matt, makes her forget about everyone who is mean to her during the day. But then there is Julian Porter: cute, sweet, and always nice to Noelle. Noelle can’t let herself get too close to Julian, but she can’t deny the attraction she has for him. When Noelle feels like the neglect at home and bullying at school can’t get much worse, the bullying of a friend goes too far, and Noelle decides that she has to stand up to her bullies (her mother included). Noelle’s journey from a lonely student to a powerful woman is amazing, inspiring, and beautiful. The book is also a very sad but true portrayal of bullying, which may open up some people’s minds to what it feels like to be bullied.

This book is fantastic. Noelle feels like someone I could (and definitely would) be friends with if she went to my school, and is a seriously powerful character. Susane Colasanti has this seriously amazing writing style that’s hard to describe. I can’t really even tell you exactly what it is, just what it feels like to me: a mixture between a journal, seriously amazing dialogue, and thoughts. I don’t really know how she does it. I try to write down what I’m thinking or feeling (and I know who I am, but she’s writing about a character that she completely has to build from scratch) and it sounds like “Day was good. Sunny. I am hungry.” But the way she writes is like poetic or something…uhhh it’s so frustrating that I can’t describe what it sounds like. You need to read it yourself! This book was really sad at some points, but could make you smile to yourself at others. It’s cute and amazing and you, [insert name here], would/SHOULD love it. Okay, deep breath, end Susane Colasanti freak out. (But P.S. – If any of you know if she is doing a book tour/event in southeastern Pennsylvania, let me know. I want to meet her and have her sign all my books and it will be the best day ever — until the day that I meet Liam Neeson.) Please, please read this book, because it may just change your life.

Pages: 224
Genre: Young Adult, Bullying, Friendship, Drama, Romance
Sequel?: No; but check out So Much Closer, Something Like Fate, When It Happens, Waiting for You, and Take Me There, all by Susane Colasanti



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  1. getting there | Susane Colasanti – Blog

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