Thumped by Megan McCafferty

I’m not sure how I found out Bumped had a sequel, but as soon as I did, I bought it. Thumped was just as good as Bumped, though maybe a little more confusing at the beginning because it had been a while since I had read the first book. On that note: I definitely suggest reading these books one after another so you don’t forget anything 🙂

If you like: the future, sequels, pregnancy, teenage romance, twins, sisters, falling in love, or book drama, you will like this book.

Possible spoiler alerts! I’ll try to keep them away, but it’s hard to do with sequels!

Harmony is back in Goodside, Melody is still in Otherside, and their both pregnant! Twins set to deliver twins on the same day has swept the Mi-Net, and Harmony and Melody are like superstars. But both sisters are hiding things: Harmony’s twins aren’t Ram’s, like everyone thinks, but are Jondoe’s. Melody and Jondoe are pretending to be in love, and everyone believes her twins are Jondoe’s, but in reality, she’s not pregnant at all, and is instead wearing a fake pregnancy stomach that mimics the look and feel of pregnancy. Harmony feels like the religious community she’s living in is stifling, and so she escapes to Goodside, with the help of Melody, Jondoe, and Ram. Once back in Goodside, Harmony is forced to confront her feelings for Jondoe, while Melody feels like her secret is crushing her. Does Harmony get together with Jondoe? Does Melody tell the truth? And will Melody admit her love for her best friend, Zen?

This is a good book, but be warned: there is a lot that each character is hiding/lying about, which can get a bit overwhelming. It sometimes was a little hard to keep track of the “future” terminology, too, but usually you can use some context clues and figure it out. Otherwise, it’s a good book, a good sequel, and wrapped everything up very well!

Pages: 304
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Drama
Sequel?: No; but read the first book, Bumped by Megan McCafferty


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