Bumped by Megan McCafferty

I’m back! Did you guys miss me? I missed you ūüė¶ I was sad that I had absolutely no time to write and review, but now its summer. Get ready for reviews all the time!

I found this book somewhere on the Nook library a couple of months ago and it was one of those totally random purchases that I’m so glad I made. This is a seriously good book with a subject/plot that is definitely unique. I read the sequel to it while on vacation this past week, but I wanted to review the first book before the second one, which is pretty self-explanatory.

If you like: the future, teenage romance, pregnancy (okay so this sounds totally weird, but don’t look away because of it. It’ll make more sense once I review it), twins, sisters, falling in love, you will like this book.

In the future, there is a Virus that causes infertility in everyone over the age of 18. Teenaged girls are encouraged to “bump” and have babies so that adult couples can adopt them. There are reproduction agents that try to pair these girls with “professionals”, who will help them to produce basically perfect kids. In Otherside, 16-year-old Melody is about to be set up with genetically flawless and gorgeous Jondoe so that they can “bump”, and she can satisfy the conception contract that she entered into with a couple, the Jaydens, who want to have kids of their own. Everything seems to be going smoothly, until Melody’s long-lost identical twin sister, Harmony, shows up. Harmony, from the religious community in Goodside, has been raised to believe that she will get married and spend her life as a wife and mother, away from the evils in Otherside. Harmony has shown up to try to convince Melody that “pregging” for money is sinful, but Melody does not want to listen. When Jondoe shows up at Melody’s house when only Harmony is home, he mistakes Harmony for Melody, and things only go downhill from there.

Okay, so that may seem weird, right? But it’s not. This book isn’t some teen version of¬†Fifty Shades of Grey. I promise: there isn’t any graphic detail of anything. There isn’t really just plain old detail of it. So it’s fine. I wouldn’t lie to you guys! Anyway, this book was really interesting. Melody and Harmony are such drastically different characters that it’s interesting to read from each sister’s point of view as it alternates chapter by chapter. You get to know the characters really well, and, if you’re book-nerdy like me, you start getting attached to them. I would definitely suggest it to anyone!

Pages: 323
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Drama
Sequel?: Yes; Thumped by Megan McCafferty


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