Hello, darling readers!/Challenge


Sorry I haven’t been reviewing very often. What with approaching finals/scheduling next year’s classes/video project/summer reading (don’t get me started. Beowulf, really?!)/math in general, I’m a little overwhelmed right now. Good news: school’s over in two weeks, and then I should be posting soooo much more. Get ready!

Right after school ends, I’m leaving for Disney World with my family and I’ll be there for a week. This means: I need books. So challenge time!

I challenge you to suggest some really awesome YA books (or just some really awesome any genre books) for me and if I haven’t read them, I’ll read them on the plane and at nights while I’m there, and review them when I get back! If you suggest a book I’ve already read, I’ll review that, too. 🙂 And if you need some books to read, check out some that I have already reviewed, or read

  1. The Selection by Kiera Cass
  2. Wither: Chemical Garden Series by Lauren DeStefano
  3. The Host by Stephanie Meyer (don’t get turned off just because she wrote Twilight. This book was supposed to be an adult novel — not because of content issues, no worries — but YA kinda took it over. And it’s fantabulous dystopian.)

Help me out, people! I’ll go crazy on the plane with nothing to read, and I feel like I’m fresh out of new books! 😦

Challenge #1 has officially begun. HAPPY CHALLENGING!!…(and may the odds be ever in your favor…)





  1. Eileen

    Megan, have you read any Jane Austen? Really good. I know movie adaptations of her stuff is great, but as you know, the books are better. Also, Philippa Gregory? She writes historical fiction mainly based around the Tudors. I know none of that is YA but they are my suggestions. Good luck!!

    • Hi! I haven’t read any Jane Austen yet, but I’ve wanted to ever since I saw “The Jane Austen Book Club”. I should read those this summer! And I saw a Phillipa Gregory YA book the other day in B&N so maybe she’s branching out, but I definitely love historical fiction!

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