Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway

I honestly can’t remember why or when I bought this book, but I’m so glad I did! It’s honestly a hilarious book, Robin Benway is awesome, and I wish I were Audrey. I’m dead serious. Audrey, Wait! also makes me wish there was a cute, nice, quirky, funny guy where I work (which will probably/unfortunately never happen, because for some reason only girls are hired/work where I work).

If you like: music, singing,  bands, concerts, romance, comedy, drama, excellent friends, cute coworkers, love, fame, awkwardness, hilarious one-liners, the mind of a girl in high school and more, you will like this book.

Audrey Cuttler is a totally average sixteen year old who just broke up with her boyfriend, Evan, who is in a band called The Do-Gooders and hoping to make it big. On the night of the breakup, when Evan and his band are performing, he sings a song he wrote called “Audrey, Wait!”, which is basically about how Audrey destroyed him when they broke up and then left, leaving Evan behind yelling “Audrey, wait!” Audrey is horrified, but thinks it will blow over. But it doesn’t. Pretty soon, “Audrey, Wait!” is climbing the charts, and Audrey is gaining both fame and hatred from the song’s fans. As she tries to hide from paparazzi and deal with the girls who show up to get pictures with her at The Scooper Dooper, the ice cream shop where she works, she is also trying to deal with her feelings for James, her awkward, shy, quirky, and cute co-worker. As Evan’s song becomes more and more famous, Audrey does too. What exactly is a sixteen year old supposed to do? How will Audrey handle her fame?

Every time I read this book, I try to figure out what the song “Audrey, Wait!” sounds like. Keep in mind that I love music (like Audrey) but I’m not musically talented, so “Audrey, Wait!” always sounds totally messed up and off and not how Evan would sing it. It’s a bit of a disaster. Putting aside the frustration that comes along with not knowing how the song goes, this book is really wonderful. It’s funny, sweet, sad, romantic, and a bunch more excellent words. Robin Benway is an awesome YA writer, and makes teenage life sound just like it is (with the exception of ex-boyfriends writing songs about you. That doesn’t happen much, at least not where I live). You know how in some books it takes six and a half years to get to the interesting part? This book pulls you in on page 1! So for all of you reading this, find this book out there in the universe and buy it! Your purchase will definitely not be a regret!

Pages: 313
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Comedy, Drama
Sequel?: No; but you can read Robin Benway’s The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June which is also phenomenal


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