The Luxe by Anna Godbersen

I finished reading The Luxe about three weeks ago, and immediately bought the second book in the series. It pulls you in, and before you’ve realized, you’ve bought all four books on your Nook and your mom is saying that you need to give her money to pay for them.

If you like period pieces (books/movies set in specific time periods in the past), drama, romance, anything else by Anna Godbersen, history, New York City, romance, or anything about royalty, you’ll like this book.

The Luxe is set in New York City in 1899, at a time when wealth and status were everything. The book mainly tells the story of the main character, Elizabeth Holland, the eighteen year old member of the upper-class Holland family; it also will occasionally switch into telling the story as Elizabeth’s sister, Diana, or as Penelope Hayes, Elizabeth’s best friend. The Holland family is slowly sinking into poverty, and Mrs. Holland needs Elizabeth to marry someone wealthy to keep the family name alive. When the engagement between Elizabeth and Henry Schoonmaker, son of one of the wealthiest men in New York and the city’s most well-known bachelor, is finalized, no one is happy. What finally happens is not revealed until the very last page of the book…but it’s so worth it.

The descriptions of the parties, the dresses, and the houses in this book make me want to hop in a time machine and magic myself back to the late 1800s. The mystery, scandal, and beauty of the book sucks you in, and you can’t help but read just one more page, until you’ve read the entire book and it’s three hours past your bed time on a school night. However tired you may be the next day, it’s worth it.

Pages: 433
Genre: Young Adult, Drama, Romance
Sequel?: Yes; Rumors by Anna Godbersen


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  1. emv10

    I definitely want to read this one! I’m a sucker for a period piece! Thanks.

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